After the Lakers lost again, LeBron James criticized the referees

After the Lakers lost again, LeBron James criticized the referees

After the Lakers lost again, LeBron James criticized the referees

On Sunday, January 15, LeBron James was not happy with how things went during a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. After the Los Angeles Lakers lost 113-112, James went on Twitter to criticize the NBA for not calling the foul that Joel Embiid did to Russell Westbrook during a one-on-one play.

On Monday, James said how upset he was about the situation. In response to a video showing that the 76ers did grab Westbrook’s hand on the last possession, James wrote, “And all year they keep telling me to my face on the court, “I didn’t see it” or “It wasn’t a foul.” It doesn’t make any sense to me at all! What a pain in the neck, man! Anyways keep going Squad!”

LeBron James' tweet

LeBron James spoke out against the NBA’s leaders.

After the game, Westbrook also said that Embiid had done something wrong. The Lakers guard said, “I couldn’t get my hand up to shoot because [Embiid] was holding it.”

As for the NBA, it didn’t change its mind. The league’s Last Two Minute Report from the game, which came out on Monday, showed that the officials did the right thing by not making a call. “Embiid slightly extends his arm before bringing it back in, and Westbrook’s arm barely touches his arm during the driving shot attempt,” says the League.

It’s the second straight game in which the Lakers have had trouble with how the game was called. Before this, the NBA got some strange looks when the Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks in double overtime on Friday. The Last Two Minute Report from that game showed that when James tried to make a layup at the end of the first overtime, Christian Wood made a foul. The officials did not call it.

James isn’t the only NBA player to have said bad things about the way the NBA handles calls. Back in November, Kevin Huerter, a guard for the Sacramento Kings, said that the referees handled Kings games differently than games for every other team in the league. Ja Morant also said that the referees have “too much power” and that they make bad calls.

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