‘GMA’ Anchor Amy Robach Deactivates Instagram After T.J. Holmes Affair Is Exposed

‘GMA’ Anchor Amy Robach Deactivates Instagram After T.J. Holmes Affair Is Exposed

‘GMA’ Anchor Amy Robach Deactivates Instagram After T.J. Holmes Affair Is Exposed

Amy Robach is avoiding social media in the aftermath of her affair with colleague T.J. Holmes. The “Good Morning America” anchor has deactivated her Instagram account following reports of her alleged secret romance with her co-host.

On Wednesday afternoon, November 30, the 49-year-old reporter deactivated her account after fans noticed she had removed her wedding band and stopped posting photos of her husband Andrew Shue.

T.J.’s Instagram account has also been deactivated, though Page Six points out that he did so before his relationship with Amy became public.

Amy and T.J.’s hot relationship reportedly began in March, when they began training together for the New York City Half Marathon, which Amy ran with her husband Andrew. They’ve been seen getting affectionate on numerous occasions since, both indoors and out.

A series of photos obtained by the Daily Mail show the couple having flirty post-production sessions at a New York City bar. Amy’s husband Andrew and T.J.’s wife Marilee Fiebig reportedly separated from their respective spouses in August after learning of their secret romance.

Amy and T.J. continued to have secret rendezvous while their relationship was still under wraps. They went on a getaway to a remote cottage two weeks before Thanksgiving, where the former CNN anchor was photographed giving his lover a playful squeeze from behind as she packed up the car.

While they did not spend Thanksgiving together, Amy and T.J. made up quickly afterward. They took an Uber to T.J.’s apartment and held hands in the back of the car on the way there.

“On-screen, they have a very cozy relationship, but that is to be expected. They were, however, very careful behind the scenes to keep their affair hidden “According to a Daily Mail source. “The ‘GMA’ producers are shocked to learn that they are having an affair.”

Amy and T.J. have not commented on the rumors of an affair. Amy has been married to Andrew since 2009, and T.J. married Marilee, an Atlanta-area attorney, in 2010. They both joined “GMA” in 2014 and have co-hosted the show’s lunchtime segment “GMA3” since then.

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