Quavo’s allegedly sharp tongue is to blame for the argument that resulted in the takeoff murder

Quavo's allegedly sharp tongue is to blame for the argument that resulted in the takeoff murder

Is Quavo responsible for Takeoff’s death? New details about the altercation that resulted in the fatal shooting of the youngest Migos member have emerged, revealing Quavo’s alleged role in starting the argument on November 1, 2022, at a Houston bowling alley.

In a new interview, comedian Shawty Shawty claimed he spoke with the cousins of the two rappers and learned what led to the shooting. He stated that Quavo was upset because he suspected the dice were rigged and decided to confront the host about it.

“Quavo dominates a lot of things, basketball, everything,” Shawty said on the “Ugly Money” podcast. “So, they claim to have been shooting basketball earlier, and then they went to the bowling alley, where they claimed to have seen a dice game. They claim that Quavo noticed that the dice were off, which sparked the argument.”

Insinuating that Quavo’s brazen approach to the situation was incorrect, the comedian went on to say, “Quavo-Everyone knows Quavo has a big mouth. Everyone knows Quavo talked nonsense. I don’t think it was the right time to talk s**t. You must respect.”

Shawty went on to say that Takeoff and Quavo should never have gambled in the first place. “God took you past that point so you don’t fall backwards,” he reasoned. He also stated that he avoids performing in “certain hoods” because he does not want “the same hod that I got out of, snatch me back.”

Takeoff was shot and killed at Houston’s 810 Billiards & Bowling. During the altercation at the bowling alley, police believed he was an innocent bystander. Patrick Xavier Clark, the 28-year-old star’s alleged assassin, was arrested and charged with murder on December 1. He was released on a $1 million bond on January 4.

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